How to Bid


The bidding Process

Individual Bid Form

The Individual bid form is for someone interested in bidding on a house.

Individual Form

Company Bid Form

The company bid form is for a company or someone acting for a company interested in bidding on a house.

Company Form

Vacant Lot Form

The lot purchase form is for someone interested in purchasing a vacant lot.  We sell our lots first come first served instead of the bidding process we use for houses.

Vacant Lot Form

1. Properties List

First, you may obtain a PROPERTY LIST to identify and search for properties that you may be interested in. There are three ways to get one of our lists:

We encourage buyers to drive by the properties they think they may be interested in to get a first impression of the condition of the lot and or house, the neighborhood, etc., to determine if they want to proceed further.

2. Authorization to Access Structure

ACCDC will advertise when there is an available property with a house or structure. If you are interested, we suggest that you inspect the said property and make an assessment of the condition of the structure and the financial obligation that you may be undertaking. To do so, ACCDC will hold scheduled open houses two to three times before the bidding process ends.
Once the open house is scheduled, you must do the following:

3. Minimum Bid Amount for Purchasing Lots with a House or Structure

Each ACCDC property has a Minimum Bid Amount listed that is based on a formula calculated by the Allen County Tax Calculator system:

Interested buyer will have to complete a bid form at the ACCDC office which will include your contact information, the property you are interest in, and the minimum amount you are bidding.

Please watch for the posted calendar on the beginning and ending dates for the bidding schedule. The bid will go live and will be posted on facebook and our website.

You will have a chance to increase your bid up to 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday during that scheduled period. This will require you completing a new bid form with each additional bid in person.

When you turn in your final bid, we recommend bidding your maximum amount to increase your chances of having the winning bid. Once you turn in your final bid, we will put that bid in an envelope and seal it in front of you.

We will then hold a "bid opening" meeting, open to the public in the Building Department Hearing Room at 200 E. Berry St., room 185 an hour after the close of the bid, which will always be Thursday, unless otherwise indicated, at 11:00 a.m. Once all bids are opened, the winning bid will be announced.

The winning bidder is given until the following Tuesday by 11:00 a.m. to deliver the bid amount in form of cashiers check or money order. If the winning bidder fails to deliver, the sale will go to the next highest bidder.

Finalize the Sale:
As the successful bidder, you must meet with one of our manager to complete and sign an Indiana Sales Disclosure form. We will issue you a SOLD sign at that time; however, the sale of the property is NOT final until you receive the property deed made out in your name. A Quitclaim Deed will be issued, which may take up to 30 to 45 days following the submittal of your documents. After you receive your deed, then the sale is considered closed, and the property is legally yours. Congratulations!

DO NOT invest any money or make any improvements to your property until you receive the deed, making the property legally yours.

You will receive your Quitclaim Deed in the mail which will look like the sample document below.

Your Quitclaim Deed with your name, mailed to you from the ACCDC, is your official and legal document of record showing legal ownership of your property. Beware of any other organization, such as National Record Service, Inc., who may send you information implying that you need to pay a fee to them in order to receive an "official" or "certified" deed. That is NOT true.

4. "AS IS" Transaction

All ACCDC properties are sold as an "AS IS" transaction. There is no warranty or guarantee of any kind, either express or implied, regarding the condition of the real estate, its improvements, fixtures, utility systems, personal property, etc. THE BUYER RELEASES SELLER FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY RELATING TO ANY DEFECTS OR DEFICENCIES AFFECTING THE REAL ESTATE, and agrees to purchase the real estate "AS IS". Further, no warranties or representations will be given regarding the marketability of the title. Although all ACCDC properties receive a court order to clear the title, the Buyer will be responsible for obtaining any survey, title search, and cleaning any liens or encumbrances of record if any still remain.